Review: Detached by Christina Kilbourne

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41jcszs5vzl-_sx311_bo1204203200_Anna has always been so level-headed, so easy-going, so talented and funny. How could anyone have guessed she wanted to die?

Anna is not like other people. For one thing, she’s been an accomplished artist since she was a preschooler. For another, she’s always felt like she didn’t belong: not with other kids, not with her family, not in her body. It isn’t until her grandparents are killed in a tragic accident, however, that Anna starts to feel untethered. She begins to wonder what it would be like if she didn’t exist and the thought of escaping the aimless drifting is the only thing that brings her comfort.

When Anna overdoses on prescription pain killers the doctors realize she has been suffering from depression and start looking for a way to help her out of the desperate black hole she never thought she would escape. It’s then that rock bottom comes into sight and the journey back to normal begins.

Genre: Young Adult, Fiction
My rating:  ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Thank you to Netgalley for providing this copy in exchange for a honest review

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This review contains no spoilers

First of all, I think everyone should read this book. If you read the description of this book and you’re not sure whether to read it or not, read it! Once you start reading this book you won’t be able to put it down.

This book perfectly describes what it’s like to live with depression. I can speak from experience because I have been dealing with depression for years. It is always difficult to explain to people what it is like to live with depression. Reading the story from Anna’s point of view will let you know what people with depression go through every day. Of course depression is different for everyone but this book will give you some insight.

It also gives the reader some important messages, if someone you know commited suicide you need to know that it wasn’t your fault. It is also so important to talk about depression with people, some people might be ashamed of their depression and a lot of people are suffering everyday. When people commit suicide most of the time the people who are left behind say that they didn’t see it coming, that’s because people hide their depression, they pretend to be fine and don’t talk about it. But it is so important to have someone that you can trust and can tell about your depression.
If you are reading this and you are suffering from depression, please reach out to a loved one or to someone online and talk to them.

So thank you, Christina, for writing this book. I definitely got the message you wanted to tell with this book and I hope other people will get it as well.


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