Review: The Secrets We Keep by Deb Loughead

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9781459737297First she blamed herself. Now she doesn’t know who to trust.

When Kit disappeared at a party and was found drowned in the quarry the next day, Clem knew who to point the finger at: herself. She was the last person to see him alive, the last person who could have helped. If she had just kept a closer eye on him instead of her crush, Jake, maybe Kit would still be here. She knows she made a mistake, and wishes she could just forget about it — but Clem’s friend Ellie says she’ll expose Clem’s secret if she doesn’t play along with Ellie’s lies.

Jake seems to have his own difficult secrets, and when he and Clem start to talk, they make a plan to help themselves move on. But when an unexpected discovery at the quarry makes everyone question what they thought they knew, Clem and Jake decide it’s up to them to uncover the truth.

Genre: Young Adult, Mystery, Fiction
Publication date: 07 Mar 2017
My rating:  ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

Thank you to Netgalley and Dundurn for providing this advance reading copy in exchange for a honest review

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This review contains no spoilers

This story is told from Clem’s point of view. She was at a party when an autistic boy named Kit went missing and drowned. Clem blames herself for the death of Kit. During the book you will hear the story from three other points of views from people who were at the party as well.

The Secrets We Keep is a fast-paced read, it will get you hooked because you want to find out what happened and why Clem is blaming herself for Kit’s death. I did lose a bit of interest in the book a bit once you find out what happened and why people feel the way they do and for some reason I felt a bit unsatisfied after finishing the book. I think I would have loved to read about Kit a little bit more because he felt like a lovable character.


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